Rick and Morty - Issue #50

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(W) Kyle Starks, Tini Howard, Marc Ellerby, Benjamin Dewey, Sarah Graley, Josh Trujillo
(A) Kyle Starks, Andrew MacLean, Benjamin Dewey, Rii Abrego, Sarah Graley, Jarrett Williams
(A/CA) Marc Ellerby

It's just Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty and their adventures, Morty... Rick and Morty, forever and forever, FIFTY ISSUES Rick and Morty!

Join us as we celebrate this milestone with a special, super oversized MORTY'S MINDBLOWER issue! Featuring creators from the previous 49 issues!


I wrote and drew a couple of pages in this special double-length Rick and Morty comic!

Comics are signed and doodled on by me and come in a sleeve with backing board!