Our Super American Adventure


Our Super American Adventure is a brand new book featuring our adventures in America last summer! We got to visit LA, San Diego Comic Con and New York City, and it was a trip filled with nice people, cool places and ridiculous food items.

OSAA is a full colour hardback book measuring 15x15cm, and is 64 pages long (mostly comics, with the occasional photos here and there!) This is the first edition of this book! Cover features spot gloss and the book is the same height as the original Our Super Adventure book, so they should look lovely next to each other on your bookshelf! ;)

If you would like me to sign your copy of the book to someone, please leave a note while paying with that person's name and I'll make sure to do so!

If you would like to order more than 4 books, please contact me at shinyswordpress@gmail.com first to sort out shipping.

OSAA was released on Monday 4th September 2017!