Please bear in mind that shipping over the Christmas period can be hit with delays at customs and local mail services - always order as early as you can!


Firstly - order as far in advance as you can if you need something in time for Christmas!

Secondly - ORDER AS FAR IN ADVANCE AS YOU CAN IF NEED SOMETHING IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! Postal Services are all really hectic throughout December so if you're leaving it to the last minute we can't guarantee your order will arrive on time! 

Please note - even with the dates below we can't 100% guarantee your order will arrive in time! We set these dates earlier than the official final Royal Mail holiday dates but even then we can't always predict potential delays, especially in the year 2020!

Basically - you should be okay, but please don't be mad at us if not.

Everywhere Else International Safe Order Deadline

US, Canada and Europe Safe Order Deadline

UK Final Orders for Christmas Deadline

All safe shipping holiday dates have now passed! We'll still be shipping out order throughout the holidays, though! Maybe get an early start on Valentine's day? ;)

Happy holidays!

- Sarah and Stef