Cats & Snacks!

A brand new comic collection all about Sarah and Stef and their life together with four cats!


Cats & Snacks! will be a square hardback book measuring around 16cm x 16cm. It's going to have spot gloss details on the cover and it's our favourite-looking book so far!


The book will contain 180 Our Super Adventure comic strips - That's all the comics posted online during 2021, 2022 and 2023 so far! The book will be around 270 pages long and full colour!



Sarah and Stef have wanted to visit Japan for a long time...and in early 2023, they finally did! (and made a whole bunch of comics about it, too!)


We're bringing out a brand new travel comic book! Our Super Japanese Adventure will be a square hardback book collecting together 64 pages of comics, illustrations and photos from our trip to Japan in early 2023!