Bite + Subscribe! (Volume 1) Graphic Novel

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A brand new cute and spooky comic collection about a pair of vampires and their pets!

Copies will come with a glow in the dark sticker!

Welcome to the spooky online world of vampire vloggers Rufus and Daphne, and their pets, Spaghetti and...Gromlin?!

Rufus and Daphne are two vampires who love to share their life together! They have two pets - a very cute little cat called Spaghetti and a second …cat? (we think?) called Gromlin! Spaghetti loves Gromlin a lot and even has a little pair of wings to be just like him! Gromlin….does not care for Spaghetti. Or anything else for that matter!

Bite + Subscribe Volume 1 collects the first year of comics alongside some behind the scenes sketchbook artwork!

88 Pages
Full colour
US Graphic Novel Size